Frequently asked questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions and their answers but remember that you can always message Chloe or pick up the phone to her direct and she will be happy to help.

Why use a veterinary nutritionist?

Nutrition is a critical part of the management of healthy horses and horses who are suffering from medical, orthopaedic or behavioural issues. A carefully controlled diet is necessary for your horse to recover from (or control) conditions such as gastric ulcers, liver disease, myopathies and ERS, PPID, EMS and laminitis.

Chloe is an independent veterinary equine nutritionist – an experienced equine vet who specialises in nutrition. This means that she has a greater depth of knowledge of equine medical conditions, their diagnosis and treatment and how to ensure nutrition supports the management of these conditions.

Chloe is not employed by a feed or supplement manufacturer so can give independent, evidence-based advice according to your horse’s requirements.

You can find more information on Chloe’s background and experience in our About section.

What will a consultation involve?

Your consultation can be carried out at your yard or remotely via video chat or over the phone. Chloe will assess your horse’s weight, body and muscle condition, diet and nutritional profile. You will receive a full written report, diet and training plan.

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Will my consultation by covered by insurance?

If your horse needs nutritional advice to manage a medical or orthopaedic problem that you are claiming for under your insurance policy, then in most cases you can claim for the cost of the consultation and any forage analysis required. This is dependent on your insurance provider and their conditions. Diet reviews and nutritional optimisation consultations for healthy horses will normally not be covered by your insurance.

Will you talk to my vet?

Chloe can liase with your veterinary surgeon directly if you wish. Indeed, many horses that we see are referred to us by veterinary surgeons. We can contact your vet to obtain a full medical history (to save you remembering dates, test results and medication dosages etc!). We can also send a full copy of your horse’s nutritional report to your vet direct.

Please note, we will only ever contact your veterinary surgeon with your consent.

What area do you cover?

Chloe is based in Hampshire but covers the whole of the UK and regularly consults abroad in Europe and the Middle East. We can carry out in person consultations anywhere in the UK, subject to a mileage fee. Alternatively, we offer remote consultations over the phone or video call.

Are you available at weekends?

Yes, Chloe can provide weekend or evening appointments. We appreciate not everyone is available during “normal” office hours and we can arrange your consultation at a time to suit you.