“Fleur is getting back to her cheeky self again which is great.  She is loving her new feed and is eating more haylage. Thank you for everything!”

Juliet, Buckinghamshire.

“Dex has been on his new diet a few weeks now and I’ve already seen a massive difference in him, in not only his ridden work but also his demeanour and behaviour on the ground. He’s much happier in himself and no longer girthy to tack up! Thank you!! 5🌟

Sophie, Lancashire

“Chloe visited our yard at the start of April 2021 and her support and advice has been invaluable. My horse was suddenly diagnosed with laminitis back in August 2020 after no previous history with the condition. I spent hours looking at what was best to feed him and thought I was giving him the right diet – only when did I have Chloe out to visit him, did I realise he was missing many essential vitamins and minerals and was not getting what he needed! The use of the weighbridge also meant I could get an accurate weight for him, unlike the weigh tape that was working out at 120kg LIGHTER than what he actually was! I’ve contacted Chloe a couple of times since she visited for some advice and she has been a godsend ever since! Jay looks incredible on his new diet and his weight hasn’t ballooned either – a normal occurrence for him in spring! I highly recommend booking in to get your horse checked – you really won’t regret it

Laura, Wiltshire